The Great Plains Blacksmith Association began in October of 1988, as a group of amateur and professional blacksmiths who wanted to preserve and promote the craft of blacksmithing. Blacksmithing is neither a dead or dying art as many are prone to believe and it is our objective to teach the public, as much as possible, how alive and important the craft is and has been to our society.


In preparation for our 20th Anniversary in October of 2007 the Board of Directors decided that it was appropiate to engage other persons interested in all types of metalworking. Blacksmithing is alive and well and the educational focus on that art will continue unchanged.  The Board of Directors has decided that a different name would be a natural progression for our group.


The Great Plains Blacksmith Association has changed it's name to "Central States Metal Artisans" or "CSMA".


There are many other artists and metal working enthousiasts in the central part of our Nation that engage in metal arts and metal crafts of all types. The membership of the CSMA reflects these varied interests and several members were polled to see if they would like to see other topics in addition to our normal empasis on blacksmithing.


We are confident that the name change will enable the group to expand our areas of interest to include any other form of metal working. Knifemaking, foundry and metal casting, jewelry, machining, fabricating and any other metal artisans and workers are encouragaed to attend our meetings, send articles in for the newsletter, educate other members about their particular type of metalwork and generally enjoy the benefits that a group environmrnt provides.


We are activly seeking demonstrations in all areas of metal working and hope that you will not only come out and hear the anvil ring but bring along some of your unique metal crafting interests as well.